Fundy Treasures

 Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Maritime Mapscapes Candle Collection

Our collection of mapscape candles is inspired by the sights and scents of the Maritimes. These 100% soy wax candles are hand poured into 3.5 oz travel size jars. Each candle Nova Scotia & New Brunswick candle contains a polished Bay of Fundy agate stone and each Prince Edward Island candle contains a piece of maritime beach glass.  These jars are decorated with Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island souvenir sticker labels.  Ideal gifts for tourists and locals alike!

Available scents:

  • Wildflower Meadow- radiant sunshine on a field of wildflowers
  • Lilacs in Bloom- the true scent of fresh lilacs
  • Acadian Forest- balsam fir, white spruce & red pine
  • Northern Blueberry- tart and juicy wild blueberries
  • Coastal Cranberry- the crisp scent of freshly picked cranberries
  • Lighthouse Vista- wood sage, sea salt & driftwood
  • Sea Salt & Surf- sea mist, salt spray, coconut & driftwood
  • Salt Water Taffy- pulled taffy, creamy vanilla & fresh citrus
  • Cottage Retreat- soft florals, clean linen & vanilla
  • Beach Breeze-fresh coconut, juicy pineapple & sugarcane
  • Beach Day-sea salt, turquoise waters & driftwood
  • Sandy Beaches- tropical flowers, coconut milk & beachwood
  • Maritime Mocha- coffee, hazelnut, vanilla & spice
  • Sunrise Trail- energizing citrus, peach & mango
  • Apple Cider- cinnamon, mulled cider & berries
  • Atlantic Sea Salt & Caramel- warm salted caramel
  • Valley Apple Pie- warm dough, crisp apples & cinnamon sugar
  • Valley Peach- freshly picked orchard peaches
  • Apple Orchard- freshly picked orchard apples
  • Grammie's Kitchen Party- warm gingerbread
  • Sugar Woods- sweet maple sugar
  • Coastal Embers- chestnut, smoky woods & cozy cashmere
  • Tradewinds- cedarwood, vanilla & patchouli
  • Christmas Wishes-clove, peppermint, citrus & pine