Fundy Treasures

 Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Meet Your Guide

Brian Hebert has had an eye for fossils from a very young age.  He grew up overlooking the Joggins Fossil Cliffs where he could be found on the beach every day searching the cliffs for new discoveries.  He has been giving tours of the fossil cliffs since the age of 12 and was first published at the age of 16. He has impressed several geologists he’s met along the cliffs and continues to work with many of them on research projects to this day.

Brian is a Tourism Certified Professional who holds the highest level of recognition as a Heritage Interpreter after achieving his National Certification provided by Nova Scotia's Tourism Professionals.  He was honoured to be asked to give a personal tour to the UNESCO Scientific Advisory Committee which led to Joggins being selected as one of the few fossil localities on the UN's World Heritage Site List.  

Most recently, Brian was published in the prestigious Journal of Nature in collaboration with Dr. Hillary Maddin and the Earth Sciences team at Carleton University for a new fossil he found called Dendromaia Unamakiensis.  This is a unique find, which gained worldwide recognition, due to the fact there is a mother and juvenile fossilized together, representing what could be the oldest evidence in the world of parental care in amniotes.  

Along with his expertise in fossils, Brian also has a keen interest in minerals. Being a part of many well run digs throughout the years and having an extensive mineral collection of his own has led him to having a well rounded knowledge of Nova Scotia rocks and minerals. 

"We had an absolutely amazing, informative and unforgettable tour with Brian Hebert, who is a gem of a guide. He is a very friendly and kind gentleman who has a deep and wide knowledge of geology and geological history, especially of fossils, minerals and crystals. His knowledge, enthusiasm and clarity become obvious within minutes. It is a pleasure and a privilege to take a tour with this down-to-earth, world-class expert with affiliations with many prestigious national and international universities and museums. We learned much from him, and our interest in these subjects expanded greatly. We are two grown ups but it was clear to us that with his infectious enthusiasm and talent to explain everything clearly and joyfully, he would have been mesmerizing to our children if we had met him when they were young." - Google reviewer, Halifax, N.S.

"There is no living person who knows the Joggins cliffs better, or who has made more important fossil discoveries than Brian. You will not forget a trip with this amazing discoverer."

- Dr. John Calder,   Nova Scotia Provincial Geologist

     "Brian is more than just a tour guide. He is a citizen scientist, and one of the foremost authorities on the Joggins Fossil Cliffs. His fossil discoveries,~30 years of experience and the respect of the scientific community has led him to work with some of the leading scientists in Carboniferous paleontology. He has a unique ability to convey that passion and excitement for fossils to all that will listen regardless of age or level of education. He's the guy paleontologists go to to learn about Joggins Fossils."

- Matt Stimson, Assistant Curator of Geology at the New Brunswick Museum

   "Brian is one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll meet when it comes to the history and fossil secrets held in the Joggins cliffs!"

- Dr. Hillary Maddin,  Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolutionary Developmental Biology at Carleton University