Tours & Experiences

Title Length Price Type Location
Gemstones in the Rough

4 hrs/

4-5 km 

from $150/person

Gemstones (agate, jasper etc.) Blomidon Shore
Fundy Treasure Hunt-from Gemstones to Jewelry Tour

4 hrs

from $345/person

Gemstones and custom jewelry Blomidon Shore
Treasure Island Gem & Mineral Tour

1 hr/

1 km

from $40/person Minerals & Crystals  Parrsboro Shore
Crystals & Dinosaurs!

4 hrs/

3 km

from $95/person Minerals & Crystals Parrsboro Shore
Ocean Floor Fossil Tour

1 hr/

0.5 km

from $35/person Fossils Joggins Fossil Cliffs
Fossil Forest Expedition

4 hrs/

3.5-4 km

from $80/person 

Fossils Joggins Fossil Cliffs
Joggins Fossil Cliffs LIVE 45 min $45/household Fossils LIVE from the Joggins Fossil Cliffs