Fundy Treasures

 Joggins, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Bay of Fundy Stone Guitar Pick-red moss agate

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Bay of Fundy stone guitar picks are so unique that no two are exactly the same in the world!

Each pick is made from Nova Scotia's official gemstone, agate and jasper.  These are semi-precious stones we find along the shore of the world famous Bay of Fundy, originating in ancient cooled lava which formed 200 million years ago.  These stones are carefully selected, designed, cut and polished into quality guitar picks.

The picks are designed and polished in such a way that they will not harm your guitar strings and the strings will not harm your pick.  The result is a clearer, crisper sound quality.  

Each pick comes with a leather pouch locally handcrafted in Nova Scotia. It makes a unique gift for the guitar lover in your life!